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Our Domain

WordPress (WP).

The WP of our domain is for WordPress (WP)- WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) through which you can manage and present your content on the web (Online). There is a list of available CMS like Joomla, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal and so on, but WordPress is the most popular among all these.

Blog (Weblog).

Weblog or shortly blog is your content, and you can manage your content with the help of WordPress. Writing content, Ranking your blog on Google, growing your audience, and making money online is possible with the help of blogging skills.


.com is the most common domain extension.

So you can learn WordPress and Blogging here. 

If you recently started a blog in WordPress and completed these basic steps for blogging,

Steps to starting your blog from scratch!

Then don’t miss reading the following important articles.

  1. How to secure your blog?
  2. How to take backup of your blog?
  3. How to fix the most common errors of your blog?
  4. How to check the performance of your blog?
  5. How to know about your blog rank on Google?
  6. How to check the Plagiarism, errors, and quality of your content?
  7. How to analyze your blog traffic?
  8. How to move/transfer your Domain and Hosting to another company?

And if you didn’t start your first blog and want to start now then read The Beginner’s Guide for WordPress Blog to get maximum knowledge about a WordPress blog and then follow the steps to Start your WordPress Blog here

This step by step, no step skipped article will enable you to start your blog from scratch.

After completion of registration of domain and selecting of host plan for your blog you will need to;

  1. Install self-hosted WordPress (CMS) properly.
  2. Select the most appropriate WordPress Theme for your blog.
  3. Add the essential Plugins that you need and,
  4. Design your blog.

If you need help with these please Ask your Question

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How we built our Site (WPweblog)?

Designing a blog is a very time-consuming process. It might be confusing and sometimes difficult to decide the correct choice of WordPress Theme, Plugins, Font Size, and Font Family, Color Scheme, Places for different Sections, Menus, Categories, Pages, and much more. We spent a lot of time designing this site (WPweblog). We decide to share the Blueprints of WPweblog with you and make it easy for you to build, customize and design your Website/blog.

Now you can download the Blueprints of for free to design your own website

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