Why start a Blog?

As discussed in the first part of this guide that a blog is an online published discussion or informational website. Now we are trying to understand why to start a blog?

Let’s know why to start a blog?

Here are five main reasons that will turn your mind towards blogging.

A blog can generate income for you.

A blog is the source of income, You can enhance your income with the help of Blogging. The most common methods are Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Native Advertisement.

A blog gives you freedom of working hours and working Place.

A blog gives you flexible working hours, You can work from anywhere and anytime, You are not bound to go to Office and work form 9 – 5, you can break the boring 9 to 5 circle and live your life and live your life on the bases of your priority. Only you will need a computer system and internet connection.

A blogger learns new skills.

You are the only person who is responsible for your growth and success, It means that your growth depends on your skills, ability to work, updated knowledge, and decisions. You can enhance your income with the latest knowledge, and knowledge about your blog topic.

A blogger is his own Boss.

If you are a blogger you are your own boss. You will decide your working hours, You will decide your working place, You will decide your working industry and you will decide your leave. You are not answerable to any person about your work, If you work smart and valuable you will make your future more secure in therm of financial issues.

A Blogger receives full rewards for his work.

When you are working in an Office, It the end of the month you will receive a fixed amount of your salary, but in case of blogging your income will depend on your work quality and quantity, when you improve the quality and quantity of your work you will receive more income. As I told you that your income only depends on your work and you will get full reward for your work.

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