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How to Install WordPress Locally on your Computer?

To install WordPress locally on your computer, you will need a software called Bitnami.

In this way, all your website files will be stored on your computer and only you’ll be able to access your website which is a great way to learn WordPress for free of cost.

Also, you can move your website/blog to live, for this purpose you will need to buy a domain & hosting.

What are domain and Hosting? We will discuss later.

For now, please follow the steps to install WordPress on your computer free of cost, Learn WordPress then move your site live.

To Download Bitnami Please click on the below link.

Follow the Steps;

Download Bitnami according to your Operating System.

At will take app. 1 to 2 minutes depending on your Internet Service and System performance.

 After completion of Download Install the file on your computer by following the steps.

Complete the Installation and enjoy free WordPress.

For more help, please write your question in the comments.

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