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What is Freelancing?

The term freelancing refers to selling our skills (services) online in the freelance market place.

Now it is clear that we must know that;

  1. What are the Skills which we can sell?
  2. Where we can sell our skills?
  3. How we can sell our skills?

Please read this article with full attention and, I am sure that this article will clear your mind about freelancing.

Let me explain all these three questions one by one;

1. What are the Skills which we can sell?

I search for different freelance markets where freelancer offers their services and in return they earning handsome amount of money form that marketplaces. These services are;

There are eight basic categories, divided into subcategories:

Graphics & Design

· Logo Design

· Brand Style Guides

· Game Design

· Graphics for Streamers

· Business Cards & Stationery

· Illustration

· Brochure Design

· Poster Design

· Flyer Design

· Book & Album Covers

· Podcast Cover Art

· Packaging Design

· Storyboards

· Web & Mobile Design

· Social Media Design

· Postcard Design

· Catalog Design

· Menu Design

· Invitation Design

· Portraits & Caricatures

· Cartoons & Comics

· Tattoo Design

· Banner Ads

· Photoshop Editing

· Architecture & Interior Design

· Landscape Design

· Building Information Modeling

· Character Modeling

· 3D Models & Product Design

· T-Shirts & Merchandise

· Presentation Design

· Infographic Design

· Car Wraps

· Vector Tracing

· Twitch Store

· Digital Marketing

· Social Media Marketing


· Social Media Advertising

· Public Relations

· Content Marketing

· Podcast Marketing

· Video Marketing

· Email Marketing

· Crowdfunding


· Marketing Strategy

· Surveys

· Web Analytics

· Influencer Marketing

· Local SEO

· Domain Research

· E-Commerce Marketing

· Mobile Marketing & Advertising

· Music Promotion

· Web Traffic

· Writing & Translation

· Articles & Blog Posts

· Resume Writing

· Proofreading & Editing

· Brand Voice & Tone

· Technical Writing

· Cover Letters

· LinkedIn Profiles

· Translation

· White Papers

· UX Writing

· Podcast Writing

· Case Studies

· Social Media Copy

· Sales Copy

· Press Releases

· Research & Summaries

· Transcripts

· Legal Writing

· Product Descriptions

· Website Content

· Business Names & Slogans

· Scriptwriting

· Book & eBook Writing

· Email Copy

· Speechwriting

· Creative Writing

· Beta Reading

· Video & Animation

· Whiteboard & Animated Explainers

· Video Editing

· Short Video Ads

· Animated GIFs

· Logo Animation

· Intros & Outros

· App & Website Previews

· Live Action Explainers

· Character Animation

· 3D Product Animation

· Lyric & Music Videos

· Spokespersons Videos

· Subtitles & Captions

· Visual Effects

· Animation for Kids

· Slideshows Videos

· Screencasting Videos

· Game Trailers

· Book Trailers

· Animation for Streamers

· Product Photography

· Local Photography

· Music & Audio

· Voice Over

· Mixing & Mastering

· Producers & Composers

· Singers & Vocalists

· Session Musicians

· Songwriters

· Podcast Editing

· Audiobook Production

· Audio Ads Production

· DJ Drops & Tags

· Dialogue Editing

· Music Transcription

· Vocal Tuning

· Jingles & Intros

· Sound Effects

Programming & Technology

· WordPress

· Website Builders & CMS

· Game Development

· Web Programming

· E-Commerce Development

· Mobile Apps

· Desktop Applications

· Support & IT

· Chatbots

· Cybersecurity & Data Protection

· Data Analysis & Reports

· Convert Files

· Databases

· User Testing

· QA

· Business

· Virtual Assistant

· Data Entry

· Market Research

· Product Research

· Business Plans

· Branding Services

· Legal Consulting

· Financial Consulting

· Business Tips

· Presentations

· Career Advice

· Flyer Distribution

· Lead Generation

· Lifestyle

· Online Lessons

· Arts & Crafts

· Relationship Advice

· Health, Nutrition & Fitness

· Astrology & Readings

· Spiritual & Healing

· Family & Genealogy

· Gaming

· Greeting Cards & Videos

· Your Message On…

· Viral Videos

· Celebrity Impersonators

· Collectibles

· Traveling

  • Where we can sell our skills?

Most common and trusted marketplaces where you can sell you services are:


I am adding good news for Pakistani freelancers that, Rozgar Pakistan is Pakistan’s first freelance market place that connects clients from all over the world with Pakistani talent. Rozgar Pakistan has been launch by a proud Pakistani Mr. Hasham Sarwar.

  1. How we can sell our skills?

There are two types of freelancing i.e. Traditional freelancing and non-traditional freelancing.

Examples of traditional freelancing are;


and examples of the non-traditional market place is


In the Traditional marketplace, people post jobs (Projects) what they want, and freelancers submit a quote and try to get hired. While in non-traditional marketplace freelancers built their profile on the bases of their experience and skills and buyers select freelancers for their projects.

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